I'm Tristan Dubin, a graphic designer, illustrator, creative, and dungeon master from Cornwall, NY. I live in Brooklyn.

I work at GrandArmy

I'm down to work on cool side projects and collaborations.

To contact me for work, please email me at tristandubin@gmail.com

I graduated from Purchase College with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts for Graphic Design.

Here's what I believe in:

1. Every new project is a chance to push yourself beyond what you thought was previously possible.

2. Don't have an ego.

3. Be nice.

4. Work really hard.

5. Research first.


"Hey Tristan, what's up with that logo?"

"Well that has a lot to do with Norse mythology. It's based on an ancient Norse symbol called a Valknut, which is a representation of Odin's eye. As the myths go, Odin gouges out his eye to drink from Mimir's well during his quest for infinite knowledge. So what does Odin do with his new superpower? He makes an alphabet, which pretty much makes him a mythical graphic designer."

"Dude, you're such a nerd."

"I know."